The proposal submission window has now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted. We are now reviewing the huge volume of proposals and will be announcing the program soon.

CANHEIT-ARC is programmed by You! This unique conference truly is ‘for IT by IT’. Conference presenters are staff of Canadian higher Ed institutions who share your context. Higher Ed IT is an exciting and challenging place to be! We have lots to offer each other, and can’t wait to share our experience, expertise, ideas and adventures in IT.


Technologies & Trends – Are you leveraging such things as cloud services, artificial intelligence and machine learning to support teaching, learning, administration or research at your institution?

People – Do you have a strategy for diversity and inclusion, professional development, staffing or new and improved organizational models for IT at your institution?

Security – How you are dealing with the always present and ever changing information security landscape; what are the threats and what are the solutions?

Collaboration – How are you facilitating or supporting collaboration between people, in teams, within institutions, between institutions or with others in the sector?

Leading/Partnering – How have you developed your institutional, research specific or other IT strategies; provided change leadership to your team, your unit or the institution; or advanced innovation through IT at your institution?

Student Centered – Have you adopted a student centered approach to your services, systems and technologies?

Big Data/Data Analytics – Are you leveraging big data or data analytics to help your institution achieve its goals and objectives in areas like student success, retention, research, etc.?

Research and IT – Have you bridged the gap between IT and research, how is research and IT partnering at your institution?

Missed Opportunity – Is there a topic you would like to talk about or present on but we haven’t highlighted. Higher ed is a complex and exciting environment and we know there are a lot of great ideas and initiatives.

Presentation formats

Presentation (Individual or Joint) – 45-minute session for you to share your experience and expertise!

Panel Discussion – Got a great idea for a panel discussion? Why not collaborate with your colleagues from other institutions and offer an “Experience Talks” panel with lessons learned about a hot topic.

Poster Session – Map out your information on a poster to be informally presented during a poster reception. Posters will remain on display for the entire conference.

Birds of a Feather – An informal session where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.

Lighting Talks – A group of short presentations, typically 5–7 minutes and presented as a 45-minute program session.

Workshop – Do you want to host a workshop? A limited number of 2-hour time slots are available.